Box Hill Cottage Garden

A lush cottage garden…

In alignment with the weatherboard Californian bungalow style house, this lush and structured cottage-inspired garden in Box Hill was created.  The opportunity to design and implement this kind of structured garden, where shapes and angles are a prominent feature are a delight to work with.  Using splashes of various vibrant colours and adding some of our signature features, such as old red bricks and bluestone pavers which reference our Melburnian roots.

In line with the clients wishes we delivered a functional and clean back yard including an entertaining area and grassy yard. Additionally the hedges provide an element of privacy from the neighbouring properties.

And speaking of trees – we were sure to be careful with our choices. The arrangement of deciduous and evergreen trees in this space keeps the garden looking lush, fresh and exciting all year round.

While this kind of garden is a delight to experience year-round, it really comes to life in Autumn. We wanted those highlights of red in the autumnal leaves to accent the old-red brick paving and set a striking contrast against the muted colours of the weatherboards.

The result speaks for itself – absolutely gorgeous! We were very proud of this one.


  • Landscape Design

I loved working on this garden - but even more so, I love driving by it throughout the year to see how the colours shift.

Mark Vanden Boom
Mark Vanden Boom