Brighton Landscaping

A compact, yet spacious yard…

This project was a dream. The existing backyard of this old Victorian terrace in Brighton was a blank canvas following a lengthy renovation process. What better way to finish off a gorgeous modern renovation, than with a stellar garden to boot.

Our client had a basic design in mind. As a frequent entertainer she wanted to open up the outdoor space and maximise it’s use with practical decking. She also didn’t want any run-of-the-mill courtyard, but something that would add unique value to the house.

After obtaining the general gist of our client’s needs, we were able to finesse her plan and push it even further. We introduced a sculptured focal point, structured garden beds and suggested splashing an abundance of green around the deck – which will only increase in intensity in ensuing years.

We loved playing with textures and shapes with this garden – from the spotted gum timber, COR-TEN steel edged garden beds and bold large-format bluestone steppers.

Some people might say that it’s not possible to mix this plant selection, these contrasting shapes, and complex textures together – but we beg to differ!

Though we used such an incredible number of what might be traditionally considered ‘competing’ elements, the final result remains appealingly simple.

It just works!


  • Landscape Design
  • Decking

What I particularly loved about this garden was working with the existing peppercorn tree. I really wanted to accentuate it's shape. So we worked with shapes and textures that would compliment it's striking shape.

Matt Northey
Matt Northey