Hampton Style Backyard Makeover

A cool and classic family space…

Our clients wanted a garden that would make a statement. After working hard over several years to create a cool, comfortable and classic Hampton-style home, the last thing they wanted was for the outdoor space to fall short. This space had to compliment the style of the home, yet be packed full of all the practical things needed to suit the modern family.

It was a must that the backyard could be used for entertaining – with an alfresco, pool, and spa. But equally, our clients wanted an space for play – suggesting a lawn area. Although they were concerned that they were asking too much and specifically requested that the space remain uncluttered despite the number of ‘must-haves’.

We wanted this garden to be visually stunning from all aspects – both inside and outside of the house. So we decided on a more structured and formal design for the back yard to maximise the space available, layering hedges around the pool, paved and turfed areas.

We then balanced this with a more natural and free flowing front yard, scattering plants heavily throughout the sloped garden beds and using a French ashlar pattern for the curved pathway leading to the front door. We added stone clad piers to border the front of the property.

To suit the Hampton look, a large amount of stone cladding was used throughout the project, with the inclusion of a 6 metre tall chimney (see below).  To compliment the overall colour scheme, bluestone was used for all paved areas.


  • Landscape Design
  • Pool Landscaping

You know what... the part I loved was going back a year after it we completed this garden and seeing all of the plants flourish and double in size after 2 seasons of growth. And, as we'd planned, the foliage now softened the large amounts of stone work and paving used throughout the space extremely well.

Mark Vanden Boom
Mark Vanden Boom