Change your garden from good to great…

Focal points or using garden feature products are becoming more and more popular and creative these days. It really is no wonder why, as they can help transform every day gardens into something much more sophisticated and beautiful.

The creative use of focal points is an extremely effective way to draw the eye towards an area you would like emphasised, such as a unique sculpture or colourful tree with an amazing branch structure. Conversely they can be used to aid in camouflaging something that is unsightly or majorly uninteresting, such as air-conditioners, bins or your neighbouring properties!

The key to using focal points wisely is simply ‘less is more’. Too many will create a confused garden where the eye is left to wonder around aimlessly, rather than rest on any one item effectively. Whether you use natural features like plants, or built structures such as decorative screens, well placed focal points can leave long lasting impressions for those that visit.

What to use?  Focal points can be almost anything… from beautiful trees  such as the Japanese Maple, to water features, sculptures, decorative screens, large pots, bird baths and all sorts of other objects. Think even an old push bike, artistic paving or corner bench.

As seen by our examples below, focal points can and are an integral piece to be admired from close or afar.  If you feel like your garden could do with a full makeover or refinement in any way, shape or form, The Landscape Department are at your service to discuss your dreams, or offer insights and plans to create that special space, that will long be admired.

If you feel like your garden could do with a bit more finesse and designer touch, feel free to give us call – we’d be more than happy to discuss ideas that will bring it to that next level of awesomeness.