Gardening tips for the start of Spring!

Early spring is such a fantastic time of year to give your garden a little overhaul, spruce up the lawn or even bring in some new plants or veggies. Here are some of our tips to reenergise your winter garden and help it flourish over the coming months.

  1. Make a realistic plan.

About what? Well, about what you want to change or achieve in your garden. What’s important to you? What do you want the outcome to be? Are you going to create a high maintenance monster? Or are you going to throw a bunch of plants in the ground without considering the growing habits or overall look of them combined?

With a little patience, and a plan, you can have a beautiful garden without the head, or back ache.

Consider the space you have, where the sun falls at different times of the day, irrigation, drainage, colours and focal points.  If you’re unsure of the right plants to use in specific areas and its all a little overwhelming – getting a landscape design could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Even if you’re still wanting to do the dirty work yourself, a little professional guidance can make all the difference.

  1. Get down and dirty.

Yank away the weeds before they climb through your second story windows. Most weeds can be removed with a spade, two hands and a little energy, but you may want to consider spot herbicide treatments for stubborn weeds such as Oxalis. It’s time to get on top of those weeds before they get on top of you!

  1. Share the love.

Don’t just put yourself on a nutrition plan to get that beautiful summer body ready – nourish your garden with quality fertiliser. Natures products such as blood and bone, chook, sheep or cow manure are great if used correctly.  If you struggle with those sweet aromas, or if you have a dog in certain areas of your yard, try a slow release fertiliser such as Osmocote. Don’t just stop with the garden beds either – weed & fertilise your lawn with some specialised lawn fertiliser. It’s now time to get those buffalo varieties kicking along again with summer in sight.

  1. Out with the old, in with the new.

By no means do you need to pull everything out and start again (well, you can if you fancy), however clear out plants that have died or are looking like they are well past their used by date. If you haven’t already, prune plants back into shape. Most plants can handle a harsh trim before spring kicks off. A hard prune can remove the old “woody” stems or dead foliage, and the new flush of growth will be the reward for your courage.

  1. Lay some mulch.

Mulch is a wonderful helper.  It keeps the weeds at bay, helps retain water and gives your garden a quick, simple make over. We steer away from pine bark mulch, and dyed recycled fence post mulch. Use something that is going to break down and benefit the garden. We use a compost to mulch our gardens. It’s a rich dark colour, so it not only looks great, but it adds so much to the health and vigour of your garden.

  1. Have fun in the garden.

It doesn’t have to be a chore. If you feel like it’s all too much to keep up with, hire help, but keep a section of the garden as your domain. Be proud of what you can create. Try things, and if they don’t work – try again. Start up a veggie patch with the kids. Grow herbs in pots. It’s therapeutic. Trust us… we are gardeners.