Let us walk you through 3D landscaping designs…

Have you ever looked at a professional 2D plan, maybe for your house, an extension or landscape design, and thought… “Gee, that looks impressive enough, but I can’t really visualise what it will ‘actually’ look like!”

Technology has come a long way since everything was drawn up with a ruler and HB pencil. We can now ensure that your garden design vision is fully realised — creatively and technically — before work begins.

3D graphic designs will allow you to visually ‘take a walk’ through your own property, showing levels, animation, texturing, rendering, pavers, decks, fencing, plants, pools, irrigation, walls, grass, lighting, driveways, cars, houses, and even your neighbours peeking through their window next door!

At The Landscape Department, we can provide you with both 2D and 3D professional drawings to help ensure your design will be realised. Really this is so that the final result is exactly what you want – no surprises!

Below are a couple of examples of some 3D drawings we created for some of our recent Melbourne clients. Click to download a pdf of the concept plan below.

If you would like to discuss the option of 2D and 3D landscape designs for your property, give us a bell.